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Frequently Asked Placement Questions

Not sure if a placement is for you?

Unsure on where to start searching for placements?

Need some guidance on interview techniques?

Then you’re in the right place! The Business School have created solutions to your most commonly asked questions regarding placements. Have a read below and hopefully all of your queries can be answered. However, if your query is not answered below or you require additional advice, then please do not hesitate to contact our Placement Officer James Wade for direct support.

1 – Where can I find placement opportunities?

During your second year, you will be sent a monthly e-newsletter directly to your mailbox which contains the latest vacancies, as well as any events or advice that can help you in your placement search.

We also upload all placement opportunities to the Student Blog. 

2 – Can I meet potential employers in person?

Yes! Each year, the University hosts the Recruitment and Placements Fair, in which you can meet local and national employers offering placements. Keep an eye out on the Careers Service website for details of fairs.

As well as this, the Business School welcomes employer presentations from regional and national employers to let you know about the opportunities they have on offer. 

3 – Can I speak to someone in person?

James Wade, our Placements Officer would be happy to speak to you in person. Contact him to arrange to speak to him, or find him at the Careers Here stand in reception every other Wednesday.

Alternatively, you can drop in to the Careers Service at King’s Gate for advice! 

4 – How can I prepare for my interview/assessment centre?

CV writing, assessment centres, Psychometric testing. There are a number of skills sessions throughout the year – all designed to help you with the application process.

See Careers Service workshops for more information.

5 – Can I do an international placement?

Yes you are able to complete your placement year abroad, however the placement must be relevant to your course.

It is your responsibility to find these placements, and if you do, you must discuss it with us. Email

6 – Where can I find international placement opportunities?

There are many sources of information for global work experience.

We recommend looking at the following websites: GOINGLOBAL, RATEMYPLACEMENT,, Prospects

7 – What support will I receive from the Business School whilst out on placement?

You will receive support from the Placement Officer, your personal tutor, and module leader whilst you are out on placement.

You will have a catch up with a member of staff during your placement year to let them know how your placement is going, and address any issues that have arose.

8 – Do I still have to pay tuition fees for my placement year?

Yes, however this is at a reduced rate. Your tuition fees cover access to the library (including online), access to Blackboard, student discounts and academic support.

You will still be eligible to apply for a maintenance loan, although this will be at a reduced rate.

9 – Will the placement year be assessed?

You will need to complete assignments throughout the year. This will include 3 reflective reports and a final reflective report. All of which are assessed on a pass/fail basis.

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