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Creative content, big data and… Oreos

Ian Sims educates us on the ever-developing digital marketing industry and the role L’Oréal plays.

Students were given valuable digital insights market yesterday during a L’Oréal skills session led by new Marketing graduate, Ian Sims. Impressive statistics demonstrated that the company is now ranked 1st worldwide and currently employs over 78,611 staff members.

‘Because ‘Online’ is no longer somewhere where we go; it’s something we are.’

Pic 1The LO’down on Digital Marketing

So, what is Digital Marketing? Ian began his session with useful knowledge about how we can define the technical umbrella term. In simple terms: it’s the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. But we knew that… so Ian delved further into what it entails. The image to the right clouds most of the key associated strands.

Moving on from definitions, Ian then gave us some scenarios which we were asked to match with the key areas of digital marketing:

You see a gorgeous girl at the bar…. and you tell your wing man to go over and say, “see that guy over there? He’s loaded- you should check him out.”

(Of course, we recognised this as an example of: advertising!)

This section of the session concluded with two current insights into the role of a successful digital marketer: that big data is the big tool at the moment, and social listening is imperative to any new campaign.

Right content… Right user… Right timepic 2

Through YouTube videos and interesting case studies, Ian guided us through all things immersive. Namely, how to create content-driven campaigns which make a brand stand out. We were told the story of the 2013 Super Bowl blackout and how Oreo’s genius fast-reacting, timely tweet gained mass social media presence. Other equally impressive content campaigns that were cited included the Snickers, ‘You can’t spell when you’re hungry’ Google SEO stint and the KitKat #bendgate iphone6 twitter strategy. The message was clear- digital marketers need to continuously product innovative content in order to differentiate their brand.

pic 3What to expect from L’Oreal?

Ian described L’Oreal’s experiential sites as a ‘content factory’- and it’s easy to see why. From image-rich landing pages to a ‘Makeup Genius’ user generated app, they are clearly at the forefront for digital innovation.  To understand the Makeup Genuis app further, Ian showed us an image of his colleagues trying the latest beauty trends and we voted for our favourite…  (Bloke to the left won.)

All in all, this was a very engaging, fun and informative skills session.

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