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Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge – NUBS team ranked in top 10% globally

The Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge is the only university investment competition to take place entirely within the Bloomberg Terminal. The Challenge can help with gaining experience in preparing investment reports and discussing them with peers, and can boost your research and presentation skill sets. It’s also a great chance to meet and socialise with like-minded students and build contacts.

How it works:

Teams of 3-5 students use the Terminal to define market assumptions, develop a return-generating strategy, and execute trades over the Bloomberg network. Teams had $1 million virtual USD to invest in stocks and for each stock the team picked, the team captain designated the dollar amount for trade from available funds.

One of our teams “Ordnance”, led by postgraduate student Paras Nagpal and advised by Jose Liu managed to rank an impressive 73 out of 946 teams, which is within the global top 10%! This is a notable achievement – especially with it being the first time we’ve attempted the challenge.

The Experiences of the Team

“The Bloomberg trading competition is the first global competition I got an opportunity to participate in. It was challenging and exciting for me to use the Bloomberg terminal which I never had the chance to use before. In the five weeks, we had the opportunity to learn several things about deciding whether to invest based on company news, price action, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis. In the first week, our portfolio was negative, but when we modified our strategy, we saw growth in our portfolio. We made around 52 long positions and were able to beat markets by 4.15% and, secure 73rd global rank. The most important thing I have learned is the importance of teamwork, stopping losses, and consistency.” – Paras Nagpal, MSc Finance

“The Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge was a true confidence booster in many aspects. We realised the importance of collective effort in meticulous research, the benefit of proper money and risk management, the edge in understanding the trading system and handling executional challenges, the need for emotional restraint, and above all, the impertinence of discipline in trading. We are grateful to Bloomberg and Newcastle University for providing the opportunity to hone our portfolio management skills. Thanks to Dr. Jose Liu and the PhD students who had helped us get acquainted with the Bloomberg terminal. We look forward to refining ourselves even more to better equip ourselves to deal with the dynamics of the trading world.” – Vaishnav Vijaya Varma, MBA

“Developing an investment strategy based on market assumptions was very challenging but interesting. It was a great experience working as a team and familiarizing ourselves with the Bloomberg Terminal. I had always learnt the theoretical part of investing, but this challenge helped me gain hands-on experience. I’m grateful to Newcastle University for providing us with such exceptional resources! A heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Jose Liu for their constant support and guidance throughout the challenge. None of this would have been possible without him and the PhD students who familiarised our team with the basics of the Bloomberg Terminal. They have been very critical to our team’s success.” – Kanika Bothra, MSc Finance

Another huge well done to Ordnance! 👏🎉

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