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Benefits of joining a Student Society

Want to meet like-minded people, and fill your social calendar with some great events? Join a Student Society! Organised by NUSU (Newcastle University Students’ Union), with over 160 societies, we’re sure that you’ll find a society that matches your interests. Societies are the best way to meet new people from your course (through our coursebased societies) and across the University. You can check out the full A-Z of societies at:  

Societies can help you to engage with others and develop your personal skills.  Societies can help with: 

  • Cultural Understandings 

Societies are a great way to engage with a wide range of people and develop cultural understandings you may not have considered.  Some societies are related to specific cultures such as the Malaysian Society, Anglo-Chinese Society or Bulgarian Society. 

  • Interpersonal Skills 

Societies can open your eyes to new areas of interest, allow you to develop skills ranging from effective communication, confidence in working with others, working with students from different cohorts and across stages and personal.  Engagement will really enhance your student experience as you progress.  

  • Work/Life Balance 

Societies are great in enhancing your work life (great on a CV), but they also provide a much-needed break from work. Joining a society can benefit your personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Societies are a place to be yourself and gain some down time whilst being productive with your time.  

  • Learn a New Skill 

Always wanted to play a different sport, debate (or listen to debates about current topics), write for a newspaper?  Student societies can enable you to develop these skills or help you to pick up new skills 

Upcoming Events 

Keep up to date with all upcoming events here – 

Find out more at NUSU’s virtual Freshers Fair: (28-30 October) Sign up online! 

Commercial Awareness Society

We would love it if you would come and visit us during our Virtual Freshers’ Fair slot, at 13:30 to 14:00 to ask us any questions you might have about the society and how it can benefit you during applications and interviews in the coming months and years!

President Kit Scott and Editorial Officer Charles Kenny will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about this new and exciting society.

Join here. Or Zoom meeting ID: 841 3459 9005


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