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Become a member of the Business Graduates Association

As a Business School, we are proud to be a part of the Business Graduates Association (BGA) network as a member institution. We have joined other world-leading, high-potential Business Schools, that share a commitment to responsible management practices and lifelong learning.

As stated on their website: “The Business Graduates Association is an international membership and quality assurance body of world-leading and high-potential Business Schools who share a commitment for responsible management practices and lifelong learning, and are looking to provide a positive impact on their students, communities, and the economy as a whole”. 

BGA is a subsidiary of the MBA Association (AMBA), whose accreditation service is the worldwide standard for all MBAs, DBAs and Business Masters. It currently accredits programs from the top 2% of business schools worldwide including Newcastle University Business School.

What does this mean for you as a student? 

One of the benefits of being a BGA member institution is free BGA membership for all our students and graduates.

What are the benefits of joining the BGA student membership?

  • Being part of an international network of like-minded business students and graduates
  • Gaining access to the BGA Career Development Centre – a place to build your CV, get instant feedback on your current CV, as well as access to a range of interview questions to help you land your dream role
  • Accessing exclusive interview and research articles from a wide range of experts – recent articles have been with Kim Havelaar, Founder of tea company Roqberry and Nick Kirk, Managing Director at recruitment firm, Michael Page about finding the right career path
  • Attending their webinars and networking events

Registration is easy and free, just click here! You’ll need to;

  • Fill in your personal details
  • Select your Business School, enter your school email address either ending in or
  • Provide your preferred email address for communication
  • Click register & you will have instant access in the member’s area

Here are some upcoming events, be sure to sign up!

  • Are you prepared for the new way of recruitment? This month, BGA has launched a new series on ‘virtual recruitment’. Read the first interview with Dean Sadler, CEO of TribePad here.
  • Want to know what organisations are still hiring this summer? BGA recently ran an Online Careers Connections Forum, inviting employers to speak about their company and upcoming open positions. You are able to view the recording of each employer session here.

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