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Assessment Centre – What’s included?

During the pandemic, assessment centres are virtual and many recruiters may choose to remain with this format in future, however, the range of tasks remain very similar and consist of individual and group activities:

  • Can consist of half a day or over the course of two or three days
  • A number of candidates will attend; you will work in groups as well as individually
  • Expect to be assessed by a number of people
  • Situations and tasks are structures to reflect those that you would perform in the role
  • Provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your range of technical and transferable skills.

Below are some points about what is typically included in assessment centres to give you an idea on what to expect should you be invited along to one in the future!

  • Icebreaker activity
  • Psychometric tests, such as numerical, verbal reasoning, diagrammatic or situational judgement
  • In-tray (or e-tray) exercises
  • Case study analysis
  • Roleplay
  • Presentation – many recruiters will provide a briefing in advance of the day itself
  • Group activity – often to evaluate a business scenario and provide solutions
  • 121 interviews

Once you are aware of the activities involved, it makes good sense to consider what is being tested at each stage and think about how you can prepare!

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