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Here are some useful top tips that will help you plan and keep on track when you have an assessment centre coming up or just to plan for when you do have one in the future!

Research and revisit:

Take some time to read through the details of the day and be clear on the activities and tasks involved. Re-reading through your original application will help to refresh your memory on why you applied in the first place and as well as the details of the job.  Check out the latest updates from the organisation and/or the industry sector by checking out their website and reading any relevant news articles.

Stay calm and carry on:

Your performance will be assessed against specific criteria related to the role and not in comparison to the other candidates taking part, so don’t dwell on any mistakes, instead concentrate on performing well in the next task.

Take it step by step:

When asked to work on a problem, task or presentation think about the time you have to prep and prioritise accordingly. Read and re-read the information provided to be clear on what’s expected of you.

Engage and enjoy:

In group and informal situations ensure that you contribute to the task or discussion bearing in mind your own strengths and key skills. If you notice a member of the group who hasn’t contributed, draw them into conversation where possible – small talk can be very helpful here, so don’t be afraid to ask questions on shared interests such as university etc. Remember, even if you’re not successful past this round be sure to request feedback so you can reflect and focus on the next opportunity.

Tech and technicalities:

Keep your stress levels low by testing your tech and the relevant platform the day before to make sure everything works and to allow time for any problem solving. Think about securing a space that will be private and well lit, with a good wifi connection so you can focus for the duration.

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