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Are you getting nowhere fast with applications?

It can be really frustrating when you spend time doing job applications and you are getting nowhere so here are some really useful tools that you can use to help you with the process!

  • Refer to our pages on effective CV and covering letter writing
  • Book in for a CV check at MyCareer, but remember that a generic CV isn’t the answer, so tailor it to a specific job description and include this JD with your CV
  • Are you getting to the interview stage but falling at that hurdle? Time to focus on your interview techniques
  • Are you perhaps not applying to employers who are the right fit for you? Book in for a 121 with us to discuss this.
  • Time to consider a speculative search. On average, 75% of hiring opportunities within the graduate labour market are hidden, so require you to take a more proactive and curious approach within your job search. Use social media to network, reach out to employers to develop your industry knowledge further and start to take more control of your own career planning

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