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Are you building your career contact network?

Are you building your career contact network right now? If not, why not, it literally takes minutes to create a profile on LinkedIn and the School can connect you to thousands of alumni from the Business School (and beyond) – instantly!

Ever heard the saying ‘What you know is important, but who you know is vital’? This saying is perhaps the single most important piece of career advice you could be given and the School can help. Read on…

Whether you have heard of LinkedIn or not, the platform is incredibly powerful for business networking and if you have not already set up a profile – you should have.

The Business School and University has its Alumni community on LinkedIn, so if you want to reach out and make a business connection with a graduate who once studied at the School/University and has established and progressed a career, now is your chance. You never know where conversations will lead: job opportunities, career advice, mentoring – the list goes on.


Hannah Stenton, Marketing and Management alumna comments:

“I created my LinkedIn profile whilst on placement. I was encouraged to do so by my boss as it is a professional networking environment and helps you keep all the connections you make in one place (a lot easier than storing business cards, which are so easily lost).

LinkedIn has proved itself as a successful networking tool. I have 190 connections from my placement year, peers and connections at Newcastle University. LinkedIn allows me to have an online CV, which is accessible to anyone to view my page, this had led to a head-hunter from MARS viewing my page and inviting me to as assessment centre. Also, I received an email from a connection I made on placement asking me what my plans were after university and to consider a job at their company when I graduated.

Through networking at a Newcastle University Business School Alumni event I met Dean, a Partner working for KPMG. We connected on LinkedIn and he kindly helped to connect me with KMPG’s marketing manager who offered me an interview.

I cannot recommend LinkedIn highly enough as it allows you to have a professional online profile, which means employers can find you (employers and recruiters are now using LinkedIn to headhunt graduates). I believe every student in the Business School should take the time to get a profile as where else can you network and be offered jobs without even applying!”

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