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Adjusting to the Geordie Lifestyle as an International Student

Adjusting to a new lifestyle, culture, or society can be intimidating, but it can also be an exciting experience! From the moment I arrived at the airport, to my first class. I can say that Newcastle has lived up to all my expectations as an International Student. The people and city have lots to offer no matter your background or special interests. This makes adjusting and getting accustomed to your new life so much easier.


You might find that the first week or two are it a bit exhausting, trying to make sure all your paperwork is settled and with all the shopping you will be doing trying to organize your room, but it will be fun as well. You will most likely meet your flat mates during this time and will realize that there’s many in the same situation, so there’s no reason to panic. The University does a great job providing the students with the proper information to adjust not only to their studies, but to the city as well. Many events were set up throughout the first couple of weeks creating the perfect social environments for students to socialize and explore the city. For instance, I attended a city tour event which was on a tour bus hired specifically for students to have a closer look at the most iconic places of the city. Allowing you to admire and feel more comfortable in your new home.


On the more academic side, an induction week is arranged before the beginning of University, which is informative for your specific course and also for everyday tasks. This is where you get to meet professors from your course, get an idea of what to expect throughout the academic year, and most importantly learn of all the facilities that Newcastle University offers to help you during and after your studies. I can assure you that after this induction week, you will feel ready to take on the school year!

Work or Volunteer

Something that I personally sought out to acquire during my time in Newcastle, was a volunteer or part-time position to further enhance my CV and personal experience. And Newcastle University does a great job to help you achieve that, by providing the student body with a webpage where you can find all sorts of opportunities throughout the year. Having that said, I applied to an opening and was shortly thereafter given a position. I now currently volunteer at a local finance office, where I’m provided the opportunity to exercise various tasks, all while on a flexible schedule. Therefore, if you too are also interested in work or volunteer experience, you’ll definitely have the resources to make it happen.

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