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A Master’s Open Day to Remember

Written by Alessia, Arts, Business and Creativity MA

Getting ready for the Open Day

This time last year, I was deep into research about my program, the Business School, and living in Newcastle as an international student. I had a million questions and would have loved to visit the School for their prospective student sessions.

Although I didn’t get to visit the School then (you know, the whole living a continent away and all that), I jumped at the chance to attend this year as a Business Ambassador, with hopes of answering the same questions for prospective students and filling in the same blanks for them that I had.

On Wednesday 27 November, the Business School opened its doors for our Semester One Master’s Open Day. My fellow Business Ambassadors and I were buzzing about who we would get to meet and how we would be of help to them.

The Informal Chat

As the Partners’ Room slowly filled with prospective students, I put myself back in their shoes and remembered what if felt like to be in that state of mind; this transitional stage of life can be exciting, but it can also be scary and confusing.

I used my past experiences as a driving force to connect with visitors and provide information that would resonate and inspire them as well. It was clear that the other Business Ambassadors felt the same, as we all worked hard to ensure that each prospective student was speaking with the ambassador best suited for them (between us, we covered all subject areas offered).

The most popular question we were asked was, “Would I do alright at a Business School if I’ve never studied business before?” to which we, as a collective replied, “Absolutely.” The prospective students that I spoke to were also very interested in the amount of practicality and hands-on experience that their intended courses would have. I mentioned that the modules in my course require me to try my hand at management consultancy and start a business.

The Presentation

After almost an hour of chatting and treats, I noticed that everyone had relaxed into having great conversations and all nervousness had faded, which came at a perfect time since we were moving onto a more formal presentation. This consisted of three mini-presentations, delivered by our Deputy School Director, Careers Consultant, and Student Recruitment Team.

These outlined all of the logistics that the prospective students had wondered about – careers, financial aid, and course structure. And although every piece of information was extremely helpful, the statement that stuck with everyone was, “Your master’s degree is the rocket fuel for your career”. Every prospective student and Business Ambassador’s eyes lit up after hearing that.

The Student Panel

The day finished off with the Business Ambassadors answering questions on a panel. We discussed our motivation for taking our masters’ courses, some of the differences between an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree, and the amount of support available: although a master’s degree is a step up and will be time-consuming, everyone in the business school is always available for support.

We also touched upon the transferable skills that the Business School would help us refine. With only attending the Business School for a short time, I can contentedly say that I’ve already improved my skills in adaptability, teamwork, leadership, and understanding my value.

One of the best parts of the afternoon was how we left off. The final point of the day was all about confidence versus self-doubt. I remember having loads of self-doubt in regard to my application and thinking, “Can I really do this?” And a year later, look where we are.

Keep updated about our next event

Missed this event? No sweat! Join us on 27 May 2020 for our Semester Two Masters’ Open Day, and be sure to keep an eye out on our social media for event updates. You can even register for the Open Day right now!

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