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Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Personal & Professional Development

Prachi Salvi

Prachi Salvi, Social Business & New Media Manager, HDFC Bank

Social Media has changed our lives in the way we connect, communicate and share with each other.  The perception that it is merely a ‘happening’ trend has shifted and it is no longer seen as a passing fad.

Working in the field of digital marketing, I’m most excited by the way in which social media brings people together on a global scale. I begin a typical day by scrolling through Facebook to check the latest news updates from around the world. While I do that I also get a glimpse into my friend’s activities through their status updates.  On my way to work, I get Google alerts if my organisation is in the news or being talked about. Then, I check what’s trending on Twitter to see what topics people are discussing locally and globally.

I use WhatsApp to share anything I find relevant to my job with my team. I use the same platform to share anything that interests me personally with my friends. For me, social media has become an integral part of my personal and professional life.

Most of us make use of social media but we don’t always know how to use these networks to their full potential. Social media provides us with a platform to establish our identity and reputation. It also allows us to showcase our talent and share the things we are most passionate about. Alongside all of that it provides us with an opportunity to stand out in our communities.

The idea of personal branding via social media is not a new concept. Yet, it is becoming increasingly important to cultivate a personal brand. Equally important, is identifying which social network to use for which purpose. Based on my own experiences, I’d like to share how I benefit from using social media.



I often connect with people on LinkedIn who I have met at business workshops or seminars. I use it solely as a platform to help build my professional credibility and reputation.  It’s an extension of my CV and I update all of my career achievements on this platform regularly. On LinkedIn, I only share content and talk about things relevant to my professional life. I find it very useful for introductions prior to meetings and interviews. It’s also a great tool to meet prospective clients.


I use Facebook for personal connections and social events. I use it to stay connected with my friends across the world and to get my daily dose of the latest news updates. I also follow events updates so that I know what’s happening in and around the city. With the help of Facebook groups, I was able to connect with students who were going to study the same course as me at the Business School. It really helped me to get quick support once I landed in a new country.


Twitter is a great discovery platform to identify conversational trends and influential people. I use it personally and professionally and my twitter bio reflects the blend of both. I use Twitter to voice my opinions on subjects that matter to me. I also follow thought leaders and influencers in my industry. I may never end up meeting them but I can still have a conversation with them no matter where they are in the world. Traditionally, I use conferences to network but it can often be hard to meet with relevant people. Thanks to Twitter, I have been able to connect with other attendees and arrange meetings during break times.


Instagram is a great platform to showcase your interests. I am passionate about travel, food and adventure and I use this platform to capture that aspect of my life. Most of my discoveries about new restaurants and places to visit have happened thanks to Instagram. I’ve even used it to connect with someone who owned a beautiful house and had put it on Airbnb while I was making travel plans.


Prezi is not popularly known but it is a great online platform to make amazing presentations. I have used it for building my visual portfolio and use it to link to my other social media profiles so that it acts as a visual resume.


Social media platforms are rapidly growing and changing. There are many more platforms like Quora, Swarm, Snapchat and YouTube etc. that you can utilize. But, if I were to list the top five reasons why you should adopt social media for your professional and personal growth they would be:

– staying well-informed and updated
– to build your own personal brand
– showcasing your talent and passion
– growing global professional networks
– finding growth opportunities

Today most of the innovative and high-paying organisations are looking to hire people that are efficient communicators, can network well and are receptive to changing times and emerging technologies. By building our social media profiles we can connect globally, showcase our skills internationally, express our passion and demonstrate our expertise in action.

The digital landscape is drastically changing and if we aren’t making use of social media channels to maintain and develop our personal and professional relationships, than we are at risk of being left behind.

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