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5 top tips for updating your CV

Now that exams and assignments are over, you might be thinking about applying for summer jobs, internships, placements or even a graduate job! Here are our top 5 tips for writing your CV:

1. Formatting

Most industries are happy to consider CV applications that sit comfortably on 2 full sides of A4, so if you’re struggling to make everything fit, then take that extra space and remember to keep your font size at around 11pts to ensure it is readable on a range of devices.

2. Keep it relevant

With a degree, internships, volunteering and more to include, it can be a challenge to know what information to prioritise. Keep it simple by working in a reverse chronological format from your most recent experience backwards. A general rule of thumb is that the further back your experience is, the less space you should devote to it. So, although an internship in 2017 is an achievement, it’s unlikely to reflect who you are today, so don’t dedicate too much space to unnecessary details.

3. Make your experience work for you

Group work, modules, personal projects and dissertation topics are all ways to align your experience to the job you’re applying for. Increase the impact of your CV by quantifying your experience through percentages or money made or saved! If it’s difficult to quantify your success in this way, think about a time you may have saved or improved efficiency to a process.

4. Extra-Curricular Activities

If you have been involved with any sports, volunteering or societies during your time in Newcastle then don’t forget to include this in the “interests” section of your CV. Hiring managers look out for candidates who are able to prioritise their time to pursue outside interests.

5. Finally…spelling and grammar

We’re all guilty of sometimes hitting “send” before checking back through our emails, so take the time to re-read your CV to check for any errors…better still, ask a friend or a member of the Careers Team to take a look.


If you need any further support, you can book an appointment with one of our Careers Consultants or drop us an email, we’re always happy to help!

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