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3 top tips for online networking

Despite the disruption of Covid-19, there are still opportunities being created in graduate hiring as industry leaders embrace new ways of innovating and working together. Being mindful of etiquette when creating contacts will help you to manage your personal brand and create a positive impression.

1. Update your profile(s)

Update your online presence to ensure it reflects the skills and achievements you have made since arriving in Newcastle. For LinkedIn, it could be as simple as including relevant project work you have completed, or any exciting extracurricular activities that have helped to build your employability skills. It’s also a good idea to ensure that you’re up to date on privacy settings so that you can be confident in what an employer might find should they decide to Google you!

2. Who do you already know?

Start with those around you who you already have a relationship with. Be it friends, family or even academics and university alumni, be open to utilising their industry knowledge and experience to help build your knowledge and connections.

3. Making contact

Reaching out to a stranger can often feel a little awkward but try not to be intimidated by people in senior roles. Connect with people whose careers you admire by using the advanced people search on LinkedIn or by following them on social media. Tailoring your request to connect will not only show good manners but will increase the impact of your message. Think about using NCL Spark to connect with alumni!

If you need any further support, you can book an appointment via MyCareer with one of our Careers Consultants or drop us an email.

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